The Show Must Go On

I started thinking that this was what I was knit for.  Aside from being a Mom, of course. Was to enter lives of certain men just to inevitably exit (If I hear I was somebody’s angel one more time while I am a mortal being, I don’t think I will be able to handle it).  Being so “strong” that I can stand on my own two feet again after the fall-out.  And not because I lost interest or found something better to end a relationship.  But because I just couldn’t stay any longer, my time was over. The last decade has had it end because of severe addiction, because of death, because of abuse.  So, I am left here looking in the mirror…seeing myself as the common denominator.  I have to figure out for me…and the children…what has gotten me so attracted and attractive to men that are possibly on their way out.  Or on their way to their bottom.

On a Tuesday morning not so long ago I had found the courage to call my Mom.  I had to tell my parents about what had happened just a few days prior.  The man my father was so happy I had found…the one we were all so happy that we found…took a turn somewhere and made some decisions that I am certain he will always regret…and I, myself, will never fully understand.  He hit his bottom, hopefully, and that was the end of us.  All of us.  How we knew us to be.  My Mom’s response after full disclosure? “Well…just more material for your blog”.  I couldn’t help but laugh!  God love her.  I guess I needed a chuckle and she gifted me that!

I still love him deeply, want and hope the best for him…but as a mother and as I love and respect myself…I can’t justify letting him back into our lives.  I know life has a way of not working out as we see it now, so I am open to the fact that maybe our paths will cross again at different points in our lives and maybe then will be the right time to be together.  But that time is not right now.  The self reflection part starts now.  Looking at that common denominator I spoke of.  So much fun…said dryly with much sarcasm…

I posted on facebook a few weeks ago a question to my friends and followers asking “I could use some positivity right now…what do you love about me?”.  It was very interesting to read the responses.  I was so appreciative and humbled by what was being written, but also felt like the wind was knocked right out of me when I read the kind words of my facebook folks.  There was a lot about me putting my family first…and  I liked that.  But reading more into it, there was a lot of mention about my “heart”, “seeing the best in people”, “being forgiving”.  Well, Jeese-Louise…my strengths are also my weaknesses when it came to my love-life!! That’s what always gets me to where I end up. Light shines on Marblehead. (Another thanks to my mom for that reference!!)

I follow my heart.  I see past flaws and see the best. Not really the worst trait you can encompass…right?

My heart has led me to love a few men.  I now feel fortunate with that.  I finally learned what unconditional love was (not the maternal kind), but not until I hit my 30’s.  I feel I am lucky enough that despite my losses, I allowed my heart be vulnerable enough to fall again.  I don’t feel I have “taught my kids to shuffle through men like a deck of cards”, at least I hope I haven’t, like one bitter person told me just recently that I had. But I hope I have taught them that I can love deeply.  That love isn’t always butterflies and rainbows.  That true love isn’t loving a perfect person, but loving a flawed person, perfectly and wholly.  That just because you give your all, doesn’t mean your going to get it in return…but it’s worth the try just the same.

I hope that the wise person that once told me that it only takes one strong and devoted parent to raise successful beings…was as wise as I think they are. Because clearly I am the one constant here with these kids.  I hope to God I keep their respect along with their love for me through all these ups and downs.  And I hope that each and every one of them get the chance to love fiercely and unconditionally…and to feel it in return at least once in their lives.  Maybe more if that’s the path that’s meant for them.

Love isn’t always what you planned it to be.  Life isn’t either.  But the show must go on…and that’s okay.


2 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On

  1. Well i just read your blog for the first time! It seems for so long you have though of yourself as being alone in this journey but just because I’m not by your side doesn’t mean I’m not along for the ride! I to have loved and lost and been cheated out of what I thought would be forever in all the same ways you have except for death! People and myself thinking the men in my life are just an unshuffled deck of cards and hoping one time or another I’d win at the game! I keep praying! I’m a good person I always try to do my best especially for my kids but I mess up a lot! It’s not easy in this thing called life but I also believe someday I will be with a good person that won’t take advantage, that will fulfill my heart and soul and truly be the one! There is hope for you and me keep being strong and making the right decision for you and your family and that strength will lead you to happiness! Maybe even a happinesses you’ve never known where there is no anxiety or stress when all the good outweighed the bad and you’ll find your heart is whole with a man who gives his all and puts you and yours first! Your eyes and smile show what’s in side of you even when your sad! I saw it when we were Little girls and it’s still there in your pictures today! Keep blogging and telling your story and we will continue to support each other and stand by each other while on this journey! I am proud to know you and see you grow and I’ll be growing each day to!

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