Doing this the only way I know. Family time and Writing.

So sweet. Tender. Patient and kind.
Anticipating needs, like reading my mind.
Irritable, moody, without any warning.
A new day and new attitude, greets me ever morning.
Compliments, gifts, security offered.
Back turned, threats given without even a bother.
Promises? Broken. Trust? Gone.
Subtracting the pros and leaving the Con.
A wolf that is dressed up in sheep’s clothing.
Confident and driven was how he was posing.
Just a shattered boy beneath it all,
I pray for the healing to help him from this fall.
The aftermath, confusion and loss that’s been left,
Is so close to that familiar feeling of death.
I was in no way prepared to travel again,
On this road the He above has undoubtedly penned.
I’ll have faith that there is a bigger plan,
For me, the children, and this defeated man.


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