This Too…

I have started numerous blogs over the past few weeks.  Two others tonight, actually…only to edit, re-write and finally delete them.  I find myself needing a voice, but the story that longs to be told, isn’t only mine.  It belongs to a bunch characters who all have different roles.  And only a few of those know every little dirty detail of this story.

I don’t want to pen something to make anyone look bad, ashamed, embarrassed or hurt.  I want to write because it heals me somehow when I put my thoughts and feelings on these pages, it has a cathartic effect.  Instead of healing, I am getting more angry that I am still being controlled.  Gagged.  Always having to take the high road that a lot of people seem to have lost the directions to when dealing with me.

It’s a foreign feeling for me to sit here depressed…angry.  Throwing my own little pity-party.  My positive spin and silver lining way of thinking is being drowned out by resentment.  I know it’s not my fault for the way someone else was brought up or the way I was treated.  Yet, I am filled with so much guilt that I allowed an exposure to more pain for my family. And then I am back to angry.  I feel let down and that I let down.

Because of the brain I possess and the experiences I have had, I know that this too shall pass.  This too, is a bit much to handle right now…and when it shall pass, won’t come fast enough.

So, for now I will continue to search for ways to heal myself.  I will work on forgiveness…for others and myself.  I will try to find a place for this anger and try not to let it turn into complete hatred.

I have removed myself from a roller coaster that derailed…I just need now to find my peace and some steady ground.




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