Powerhouse Skinnied Up Cobb Salad

Powerhouse Skinnied up Cobb Salad

This was very filling and DELISH! About 350 calories as opposed to about 750 from a restaurant. Using baked chicken breast and home made balsamic dressing make all the difference. I was at work so yes, it’s on a paper plate!

1 Cup Romaine
1 Cup Baby Spinach
2 oz Skinless Cooked Chicken Breast
1/4 Ripe Avocado – Chopped
1/2 Roma Tomato – Chopped
1/2 oz Shredded Cheddar
1 Tbsp Bacon Bits
1/2 Hard Boiled Egg
1 Tbsp Home Made Balsamic Dressing (Just Oil and Vinegar and spiced to your liking!)



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