A Daddy and His Boy

My oldest child, Jamie, and his wife, Emily, had come over to dinner last week armed with an ipod chock full of pictures and videos of Brayden as a baby…and his Daddy, Michael. Most that read this know that Mike died about a year and a 1/2 ago now and although I have quite a few pictures, I didn’t possess a video. Jamie’s plan was to send me the videos, so I knew this video was being sent to me (the 1st of many, I hope!). Because of this I had a blog ready to write. However, no matter how many times I watch this video…I can’t do anything but stare in amazement that I finally have a moment captured that Bray will be able to cherish forever…and nothing else I can or will write matters (while Mom is wiping a tear or two away). The obvious love this Daddy had for this happy little baby, just as the love this baby had for his Daddy, is now captured concretely. It won’t replace being there for birthdays, being there on sidelines for sports, or whatever monumental milestones that may come along…but Bray will now SEE that when Daddy was on this earth with him…his Daddy ADORED him! That’s all I got for now.


Leather and Lace

The 11th of each month leaves me listening to this song. Not one has gone by yet that I’ve missed. This 11th marks 17 months since Michael passed away. We spent our early times together in the establishment I worked in…mainly a Karaoke bar…listening to the DJ’s serenading us with this song we requested. It spoke to us and we loved to hear it, dance to it…and sometimes Mike would sing it….and I use “sing” loosely!!! It evolved into a song that when on the job site, Michael would hear this song (as he often would with his classic radio stations blaring!) and immediately call me. When I would answer, there was no “hello”…just music in the background until the song ended. And if I couldn’t answer, I would get the voicemail that played the whole song to me.

I found this rendition tonight. I thought it was beautiful. Not only because this song is so special to me, but because I get to hear this song I love in a new way. My love and hurt is still there…but different now. This composition of Leather and Lace is a perfect expression of that.