“What’s your High?”

That sounds kinda weird, huh?  Your High?

Well, that’s what we (my family) hear when we are all situated as a group around the dinner table.  It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like…which would be 7 days a week…but it’s definitely better than a 50% ratio.  “What’s Your High?”…and “What’s Your Low?” is a game we play around my dinner table as long as I can remember. We go around the table and everyone has to say what their highest and lowest points of their day were.   I don’t recall when it started (at some time when Jamie, now 21 years old, was little) or where it came from, but it almost always is the “High” of MY day.  (…ask the kids…they recite in unison when I am asked what my High is…mocking me…”Dinner together with you guys“…while kind of rolling their eyes!)

This game is never done quickly.  It always dovetails into another shared story of the day or a memory of days gone by.  The usual answers pop up on a consistent basis… High? Recess/lunch.  Low?  Getting up early for school/chores.  But every now and then, an unusual topic comes up.  About a peer, a family member, a feeling…good and/or bad.  

It’s these quiet (and not so quiet) times that life is happening.  Choices are being made that need guidance. Choices are being made that need applauding…or re-direction.  Thoughts and feelings are coming out naturally and unexpected.  

Please…all that read…NEVER underestimate the power of dinnertime conversation!!   

My “High” today? Pizza-movie night with the kids.  Jamie snapchatting  me good news (that could’ve been really bad news!).  Emily offering to bring me lunch.  DJ grabbing his sister a glass of water because she was coughing…without me asking him to.  Kenzie playing with my hair and being my only movie bud!  Bray for snuggling in with me at the end of the movie. Being able to get a run in. Chatting with my sis about fitness.  Getting a compliment from a good friend that they think Wendy = grace under pressure.  

My Lows?  Who the F*&% cares!


So, “What’s your High?”


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