Ditchin’ the Bitchin’

We all have that friend (I may be using that term loosely) that complains about everything, right? I know I have a few.  And since the introduction of Facebook, we get to be exposed to it even more.  Thankfully there is a “block” and “unfriend” button for those that go overboard.  I am pleased to say that I am not that person, or so I thought.  We all complain from time to time, things suck sometimes and for us chatty people, we are going to share it with you.  I always like to think of myself as a positive person.  I see the upside of things and like to compliment people regularly.  That’s why I was so shocked that when I did this exercise at just how much I do still whine and complain.  It was a while ago that I was first introduced to this lesson, but felt that after my ride to work this morning and all the profanities that were flying out of my mouth, it was time to re-visit.  

The rule is you cannot complain about anything or anyone for 24 hours.  Nothing.  Not the jerk who cut you off, not the kid who will not stop whining, not the teenager who bagged the milk with your now squashed bread.  I’d love to hear your feedback…even after the first hour.  It’s not as easy as you think.

On your mark, get set, go! 


3 thoughts on “Ditchin’ the Bitchin’

  1. I am willing to try this! More because, I think I am not aware if I am complaining or bitching 🙂 I seem to think I rarely do that, so for my own experiment, I will take on this challenge and see how hard it really is! OK ….. it’s 11:00am … ready …set ….go! Will check back in at 11:00 tomorrow am! Happy day to you all!!!!

  2. I know I bitch all of the time. Not necessarily on FB because I hate when all I read is negative, negative, negative. But I know I do it in general. I can tell you a couple things I know for a fact I will bitch about tonight when I get home from work……the socks in the middle of the LR floor that never get picked up, The shoes that are in the middle of the floor so you trip over them the minute you come into the house, that fact that no one (except me) put their dinner plate in the dishwasher after dinner, even though they saw me unload the clean dishes and knew they were dirty. I’m exhausted just thinking about it…..I’m gonna be a good test case!

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